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Weekly Pilates lessons

  • 1 hour
  • 7 British pounds
  • Stamford

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In your hour session with me, we will concentrate on control, flexibility and strength. In this well-loved and cleverly developed exercise form we will focus mainly on strengthening and toning the core and the stability of the truck that comes with this. You will mainly feel an improvement in the strength of your abdominal muscles, lower back and hips. There is a wealth of other benefits from attending a Pilates class. These include improved posture, balance and joint stability, all this whilst lengthening your muscles as they work. Pilates also acts as a rehabilitation to injuries or aches as well as stopping oncoming pains. After a Pilates class you will have an undeniable feeling of full-body wellbeing. This low-impact workout has high intensity benefits. The beauty of these sessions is that almost anyone can join in. Whether you struggle with weighted exercises, are coming back from an injury or not feeling your fittest after lockdown, in these classes you will reap so many rewards and make visible personal progress. I will cater our lessons to your personal ability and give modifications or progressions throughout to always keep you working to your maximum and improving fully. I will lead you through a session consisting of an opening, main and closing phase. We shall start off by getting the body ready for movement. I will introduce the key principles of Pilates, as well as talking through effective breathing techniques and making you aware of your body and the space around it. In our main phase, I will take you through sets of varied exercises that I will demonstrate to you first. Leading on from this, I will give personal feedback for your maximum progress and safety. This main phase focuses on your trunk stability and strength whilst your limbs move slowly and with lots of control. I will help you make your movements flow, showing how you can use your breath to help with this. As you can tell, Pilates is an exercise that practises full body coordination. In your closing phase, we will stretch the muscles that we have worked in an effective and safe manner.

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